Rotorua Firewood size
Our standard length is cut to 30-35cm and split to 10-15cm blocks. If you require smaller or bigger, please let us know. Additional charge may apply for special orders. Our Firewood is measured as a thrown cubic meter not stacked

All our Firewood species are plantation grown, meaning when tress are harvested for timber, more trees are planted in their place. We take logs that are not suitable for milling and process them into firewood.

Drying your Rotorua Firewood
Buying fresh split Firewood in spring early summer and drying it yourself is the most cost-effective way to heat your home.

For Firewood to properly it needs to be stacked off the ground (on pellets is ideal) in a place with good air flow/ventilation. Try to stack wood loosely with gaps for air to circulate. Firewood will not dry properly in an enclosed shed.

When to buy Rotorua Firewood
Spring and early summer are the best times to get Firewood. Guarantee yourself dry Rotorua Firewood by filling your woodshed early and save money with our pre-Christmas special prices.

How much Rotorua Firewood do I need
We recommend having at least 5m3 of dry Firewood stored before winter. If you are going to have the fire going during the day, 12-15m3 maybe required.

How is it delivered
Deliveries are normally within 2-5 working days of ordering, however the peak times delivery ques maybe longer. 

Our narrow cab delivery truck is no wider than most 4x4 or SUV’s and can easily access most driveways. 

We can’t always deliver when you are home, if you want the wood in a specific spot, please describe in the comments section when placing your order.

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